Creation v Evolution finally live on Youtube

At a slightly shorter interval when compared with my first short, here’s my second.

I’d love to hear what you think! Please leave a comment on Youtube, and I’l reply ASAP.

If you think you could write a good sequel to this short, please enter my competition, as explained in my previous blog post. Your work could end up on TV!

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Creation v Evolution sequel Competition

If you’ve watched Creation v Evolution, you might have noticed the competition at the end. We weren’t able to follow the conversation in the locked office, so we’re looking for YOU to tell us what happened next.


  1. your script should be under 10 pages.
  2. it should be in standard screenplay format
  3. it should be either a plain text or PDF file.
  4. it should have no more than five characters.
  5. it should be set within the locked office.
  6. the entry fee is $10 per script.
  7. yes, you can enter more than once.
  8. the deadline for entries is the end of 11th September 2010, GMT timezone.


The winning screenplay will be:

  1. shot as the sequel: Creation v Evolution: the Devil in the Details.
  2. uploaded to Youtube beside the original.
  3. released on DVD.
  4. shown on WTV here in Perth.

If you win, you will be credited as screenwriter at the end of the sequel, and receive a DVD of both the original film and the sequel. Your winning screenplay will remain your property, while the sequel based upon it remains ours.

This is an ideal opportunity to become a produced screenwriter, and see your work on TV!

How to enter

Pay US$10 via Paypal:

Then send your script via the Contact page.


Please note: if you send a script without paying first, it will be discarded.

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First Person Shooter is live on Youtube

Ok, it’s been a long time coming, but finally, it’s available.

I’d love to hear what you think! Please leave a comment on Youtube, and I’l reply ASAP.

It’s a bit rough around the edges, so it’s obvious that it’s my first film. Never mind, the best way to learn is by doing … and making mistakes as you go πŸ™‚

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Losss of Identity

I’ve just had the unfortunate experience of discovering that my intended filmco name Bast Films has already been taken on Youtube πŸ™

I am surprised, because I checked the domain was free before I settled on it. There is also a Dutch firm with a similar name and domain.

Life is too short to fight over such things, so I’m reverting to using my own name on Youtube as well as for this blog. At least they are both free!

Sure, I’d much rather use something amazingly witty, but I’ve searched through the usual suspects, and nothing appeals to me. The good ones are, as usual, taken.

Ok, name changed, back to making films. I’ve nearly finished editing my third short, so I’ll finally have something to show for all my efforts so far.

You, gentle reader, will also be able to watch some of my moving pictures at last, instead of just reading about vague promises πŸ™‚

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Paying my Cast and Crew

I have one modest goal in the near future: to actually pay the wonderful hard working people who help me make my films! Yeah, I know, talk about unrealistic!

As much as I love film, sooner or later I have to make it pay, for everyone involved. I’ve got a few ideas ready to roll as soon as I’ve finished editing Creation v Evolution, so there is hope.

Apparently, some people manage to make a career out of this, even with the current recession. For now, my focus is online, so I don’t need to grovel before any distro folks.

Not that they usually gave you a good deal anyway.

Watch this space …

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Creation v Evolution

I’ve just finished shooting my 3rd short film last weekend, with the above title. Contrary to expectation, it’s a light comedy with a twist. It was great to work with people from my first short; when I find quality cast & crew, I like to stick with them!

Now all I have is the editing to do, which might take a while. I’ve not edited a film before, only a bit of nip and tuck here and there. At least I have no festival deadline to work to. Then I’ll edit short #2, when the footage arrives from NZ. Don’t ask πŸ™‚

CvE is bound for Youtube, and if it gets a few hits, there’s a sequel planned. It’s a controversial topic, so with a bit of luck (and a bit more promo) it’ll get more than a few views. So which side do I believe? There’s only one way to find out …

I’ll post when it goes live.

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First Person Shooter on its way

I’ve just sent my first short film out to a possible buyer. Who knows if they’ll bite or not, but there’s only one way to find out. Luckily, if they don’t, it can still pay me back via Youtube and other online sites. A short film? Sure, why not? Most people online don’t have time to watch a feature film anyway.

As it cost mainly food and petrol to make, it shouldn’t take much to make a profit. Assuming, of course, that viewers like it! A short tease: it does start as a FPS, but then takes a strange turn and ends up as something completely different. You’ll have to wait a while to find out …

I considered putting it up publicly on Youtube at the same time as marketing it, but offering a premiere without the distraction seems to make more sense. Hybrid distro is of course evolving moment by moment, so you never know the best solution beforehand.

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Fun with Special Effects

I’ve been playing around with editing recently. I’m using Sony Vegas Movie Studio: nothing fancy, but more than good enough for the basics. I got caught up in effects like fire, explosion and gunshots. It’s amazing how good they look!

Then I remembered: none of these effects are going to be any use without a good story. So many films these days look great, full of amazing CGI, but the story is somehow lacking. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

So after seeing the fun and games that special effects can add to a film, I’m returning to the basics: studying screenwriting while working on my own scripts. If I need to add some fancy schmancy effects later, I will.

But they have to be part of, not instead of, a good story.

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Making Love … the Film

On a related note, there’s a Premiere of my most recent Perth film as an actor, called Making Love. No, it’s not one of those films! Here’s a quick synposis:

Matt Blonde was an aspiring Bollywood Producer. However, when he accepts money from the Bombay mafia to make a movie, they’re not happy with their return on investment. He leaves India in a hurry and ends up living in a cheap Australian apartment with Frank.

A bored, down and out accountant who dreams of getting the girl who he last saw at school and just met again. Matt has an idea to get back on the road to Bollywood stardom and fix Frank’s love life at the same time. However, there are many people out to stop them, including:

the manic Vice Detective, the Mobster who thinks they’re cutting in on his turf and the Judge who thinks they’re trying to impeach her, as well as a motley crew who have no idea about television. It all ends up going crazy in … Making Love.

If you live in Perth, please come along and join us:

Saturday, 03 April 2010
18:00 – 23:00
Northbridge Piazza Screen, Cnr Lake and James, Northbridge Perth

More info at:

It’s not a Bast Film, but I did enjoy the few minutes I was on screen πŸ™‚

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