Creation v Evolution sequel Competition

If you’ve watched Creation v Evolution, you might have noticed the competition at the end. We weren’t able to follow the conversation in the locked office, so we’re looking for YOU to tell us what happened next.


  1. your script should be under 10 pages.
  2. it should be in standard screenplay format
  3. it should be either a plain text or PDF file.
  4. it should have no more than five characters.
  5. it should be set within the locked office.
  6. the entry fee is $10 per script.
  7. yes, you can enter more than once.
  8. the deadline for entries is the end of 11th September 2010, GMT timezone.


The winning screenplay will be:

  1. shot as the sequel: Creation v Evolution: the Devil in the Details.
  2. uploaded to Youtube beside the original.
  3. released on DVD.
  4. shown on WTV here in Perth.

If you win, you will be credited as screenwriter at the end of the sequel, and receive a DVD of both the original film and the sequel. Your winning screenplay will remain your property, while the sequel based upon it remains ours.

This is an ideal opportunity to become a produced screenwriter, and see your work on TV!

How to enter

Pay US$10 via Paypal:

Then send your script via the Contact page.


Please note: if you send a script without paying first, it will be discarded.

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