First Person Shooter on its way

I’ve just sent my first short film out to a possible buyer. Who knows if they’ll bite or not, but there’s only one way to find out. Luckily, if they don’t, it can still pay me back via Youtube and other online sites. A short film? Sure, why not? Most people online don’t have time to watch a feature film anyway.

As it cost mainly food and petrol to make, it shouldn’t take much to make a profit. Assuming, of course, that viewers like it! A short tease: it does start as a FPS, but then takes a strange turn and ends up as something completely different. You’ll have to wait a while to find out …

I considered putting it up publicly on Youtube at the same time as marketing it, but offering a premiere without the distraction seems to make more sense. Hybrid distro is of course evolving moment by moment, so you never know the best solution beforehand.

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