Screenplay Summaries

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Feature Film Scripts

End Times

Genre: Spiritual Thriller
Length: 93 pages
Logline: An atheist political presenter, live on TV, unknowingly predicts the Second Coming of Jesus within the week. Increasingly bizarre predictions, confirmed by others, following day by day, threaten her job, career, life, and the faith of billions.

Review: “Super premise, wonderfully timed so that it develops at a cracking pace. I found myself eagerly awaiting the next qualifier for The Messiah.

Super positive message, unlike so much of the dross out there. Ironically, this may well make it harder — not easier — to sell. Super compact to film. Really interesting plot and myriad sub plots/relationships that kept me interested and entertained.

I think your dialogue has really developed. Mostly, this was witty and believable. And it would get a TON of interest, with all the fundies protesting against it, just like Life of Brian!

I found the characterisations terrific.”

Kim Bidstrup, screenwriter, actor, filmmaker at

Judgement Date

Genre: Contained Thriller
Length: 105 pages
Logline: A poker pro on death row gets a chance at freedom on the live comeback TV show of a disgraced Idol judge.

Review: “First, I have to tell you that I loved reading your script. It caught me early and I just couldn’t take my eyes off the page. You have a tremendous gift for dialogue. You have a tremendous story of revenge and redemption.

Paul Pastore, optioned finalist in the Austin Screenplay Contest.


Short Film Scripts

First Person Shooter

Genre: Spiritual
Length: 10 pages
Logline: an angry teenager meets his dead father, but is it a video game, real life, or something else?

Creation v Evolution: What Really Happened

Genre: Comedy
Length: 4 pages
Logline: What if God went to Hollywood to get help making the world?

The Dear Departed

Genre: Action
Length: 4 pages
Logline: The recently deceased head of a crime family pulls one last stunt when he reads his own will to his children.
Kudos: finalist in the Palm Street Films short film script contest 2012.

Real Love

Genre: Romance
Length: 6 pages
Logline: Two TV presenters are left high and dry when neither winner of their national video dating contest attend the first prize dinner date.

Casting Couch

(Sold, currently in post)

Genre: Comedy
Length 6 pages
Logline: When an attractive actor auditions for a pretty casting agent, the plain intern is the proverbial third wheel. Or is she?  


Short TV Scripts

The Picture of Dorian Burns (Simpsons Treehouse of Horror)

Genre: Comedy/Horror
Length: 8 pages
Logline: Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray, adapted for the Simpsons.

Review: “From someone who has spent years trying to write something ‘Simpsonesque’, I can vouch that Ed Love’s script is right on the money.  Very funny, very clever, and great adapted source material. Bravo, Mr Ed!

Rick Miller of MacHomer, his award winning one man Simpsons/MacBeth show.


General Feedback

There’s no doubt you CAN write a screenplay- that I am most assured of. In fact, I think, overall, you are a better writer than I. As I said earlier, you ARE one helluva good writer.

Geno Scala, optioned multiple contest winner at Shark Eating Man Productions.

“I have worked with Ed on a short film for Tropfest, and he with me on a professional shoot for a client. On each occasion Ed was passionate, dedicated and willing to learn new techniques and eager to achieve the best possible outcome. I have no doubt that if Ed’s passion for his calling, a willingness to learn and a creative mind are criteria for success in the film industry, Ed will be a leader in the field.”

Alan Malcolm, Film Maker at Herding Cats Productions