Judgement Date logline is a Finalist

The good folks at Three Lines or Less will now send it out to some industry reps. It’s only a small step, but I’m grateful for every little advance that comes.

Now I’ll find out whether anybody in the biz wants to read the screenplay!

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Finally, Judgement Date is Finished

It took far longer than I expected, but that’s ok. It’s been a huge learning experience, and I really enjoyed it! The next one will be so much quicker to write.

Now it’s time to market it, a whole new challenge with new skills to learn.

I’m thoroughly looking forward to it!

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They Like (my) Short Shorts

Recently, I sent a few short scripts off to a contest run by LA production company Palm St Films, who promised to produce the winning script and send it around the festival circuit.

Two of the scripts I’ve already produced myself, but the other two were throwaway tales I’d put together just for fun. It was a nice surprise that one (Dear Departed) was a finalist!

Ok, so it’s not going to get me an agent just yet, but I’m grateful for baby steps, as Bill Murray said repeatedly …

My focus is now on feature length scripts, but I did enjoy my time scribbling those short shorts!

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Back on the Straight and Narrow

Finally, I’ve got back on track with my script. I’ve got some good feedback about both the screenplay and logline, and am now polishing the description and dialogue. I’m pretty happy with structure, story, etc.

It feels good to be working on it again! With luck, and some hard work, I should be able to get it done in a month or so …

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My feature script has been on hold recently, as I’ve had a few small life changes. e.g. driving across Australia to move back to Canberra, moving house after arriving, preparing to move house again, and looking for paid work. Such is life!

On the plus side, I found a local screenwriting group which read my current draft a few weeks ago. They pointed out several issues which need addressing. Oh, well, better them than a reader or someone further up the industry food chain!

So now I’m sitting with their suggestions and deciding which ones to take on board, and which not to. Hmmm … sounds a bit like the notes I’ll get if/when I become a paid screenwriter! It’s always good to get an early taste of how things might be ๐Ÿ™‚

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Second Draft Complete

I’ve just completed the second draft of my feature film script, tentatively titled No Limit California Poker. After further developing a few of the scenes, it’s now up to 122 pages.

This gives me plenty of room when I start trimming and cutting as part of the next pass. As much as I like some of what I’ve written, I’m sure much of it will eventually go …

Here’s the logline:

A death row murderer gets a chance to win his freedom by dinner dating a disgraced Idol host live on her comeback TV show.

I’ve got a huge pile of helpful material on rewriting, so I’m really looking forward to diving in to sculpt the next draft, aided by a very large pair of scissors.

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End of Year First Draft Done

I finally managed to get a my draft done this evening, so I’ll enter the new year with a complete script to work on. It’s been a wonderful adventure so far, I’ve enjoyed it hugely!

I’m learning heaps as I go, and it’s great to have a chance to apply everything I’ve picked up from the books & blogs I’ve read this year. I’m really looking forward to working on the next drafts!

It’s like a huge puzzle, except the final solution is unknown, as are all the pieces! I’m having a blast. Is it any good? There’s only one way to find out: finish it and put it out there.

I could get repeatedly rejected – big deal! Anytime you create something, it’s going to get rejected, often by the majority. That’s ok, it’s part of the game.

Roll on 2011!

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Writing a Feature Film

I’ve started developing an idea for a feature film. It’s great fun so far, a new challenge. Sure, I’ve not in any way mastered making short films, but I feel incredibly drawn to writing a feature. It has countless challenges that short films, due to their length, do not.

It feels like a big puzzle to me, seeing how I can fit together all the strange pieces that show up in my mind. I can also view it with a relatively objective eye. If it doesn’t make sense, or feels forced, or unbelievable, I keep changing it til it does. Til it’s a film that I’d like to SEE.

So will I be able to write something others will want to see? I have no idea, but there’s only one way to find out. I’ve always loved playing with words in many different ways, and this is a wonderful opportunity to put that to good use.

So far, it’s great fun. I’ve joined the legion of countless people who are writing a screenplay! With a bit of luck, patience, more study, and much hard work, it’ll end up as something that others also enjoy. Hopefully millions of them ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sequel Contest Results

It’s been over a week since the closing date for the contest, so this is as good a time as any to write about it. Did I get dozens of entries of superb quality? Were there countless undiscovered writers chomping at the bit to hit the big time?

Unfortunately, no, and no again. I had zero entries. Not a sausage. I guess that tells me how many blog readers and Youtube viewers I have at the moment! Oh, well, never mind. You can only offer opportunities, not compel people to take them.

Back to the drawing board then! I’m still working on my IVC project, and the initial Foundation DVD should be ready soon. Sure, it’s not a film project, but it’s been enjoyable so far, and should help a lot of people learn how to use the Internet. Time will tell …

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Internet Video Coach: a change of pace

My latest project is a bit different: a screencast DVD teaching computer newbies how to use the Internet. Most readers of my blog probably know most of the contents, but they’d probably pick a few things up.

For more information, visit:

Internet Video Coach

If you’re already Internet savvy, these DVDs make a great gift for those in your life who aren’t online yet. Instead of having to tutor them again and again, just get them this DVD and theyโ€™re on their way. You get your time back, and they are forever grateful :)

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