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If you’ve heard about the Internet but don’t know much about it yet, this DVD can help. If you know a few things but would love to learn more about how to access music, video, Ebay and other things, this DVD can help.

It’s intended mainly for the millions of older people who aren’t yet online. Even today, there are a great many who, although they’ve heard of the Internet, don’t use it yet. They might be curious, but don’t know where to start.

Courses are great but expensive, dump a huge amount of information on you all at once, and once you’re finished, that’s it. Books can be good but too many are complex & not easy to understand, especially if you’re new to computing.

By watching a DVD with 5-10 minute segments on various aspects of the Internet, you can learn by the old Monkey See Monkey Do method. Hey, it works for me! If there’s too much to learn at once, just revisit different segments as needed.

Here’s the first part, explaining the basics of browsing the web:

Here are the topics covered in the DVD:

  1. Browsing: exploring the World Wide Web (WWW)
  2. Searching: finding nearly anything on the Internet
  3. Email: reading and replying, storing and forwarding
  4. Music: videos, lyrics, CDs & DVDs, learning to play
  5. Video: film trailers, funny videos, learning new skills
  6. Auctions: Ebay: the biggest 24/7 global auction site
  7. Navigation: travel directions using worldwide maps
  8. Freeware: finding free software for almost anything
  9. Research: encyclopedias, dictionaries, languages

As you can see, I’ve not even touched on popular things like Facebook or Skype, so they will have to wait til the next DVD in this series. After that, I’ll do some specialist subject DVDs, going into much greater detail about various topics.


Here are a few quotes from people who have used the Internet Video Coach:

“Terrific – a great introduction. Hand holding for the nervous. This DVD gives the uninitiated a great and friendly introduction to an increasingly inescapable world which others often make seem frighteningly incomprehensible.”

Vernon Coleman
best selling author of 100+ books
Medical Doctor and former former
Professor of Holistic Medical Sciences

“Finally someone who has the knowledge and the presentation skills makes an easy to understand, and easy to follow DVD on how to use and get the most out of the Internet. Including quite a few tips and tricks. Well done!”

Tim Hyder

“Once in a while a product comes along that is so simple, yet so needed, you can’t help wondering: Why didn’t I think of that? The Internet Video Coach is just such a resource. As a skilled computer programmer and an accomplished writer, Ed has a gift for clarity. The Internet Video Coach delivers a crystal clear, easy to follow, yet totally up to the minute guide to navigating the Internet. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the net but have been put off by the technology, the jargon, or simply not knowing where to start, the Internet Video Coach is for you.”

Kim Bidstrup
Actor, Writer, Voice Artist, Filmmaker
4th Mesa Productions



The cost for this DVD is $29.95 including postage and packing.

If you’d like to order one or more copies via credit card, please click below:


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