About Me

After misspending much of my youth, and countless years afterwards, enjoying films, I finally wondered whether I could somehow be part of this wonderful business. I always thought I had to be in Hollywood for that to happen, but luckily, that’s changing.

I started off following in the footsteps of my thespian mother, a life long actress who trained at the Old Vic in England. Although I enjoyed acting, and had bit parts in a couple of feature films, and half a dozen or so shorts, I never quite had the talent to go all the way.

After that devastating realisation, I explored behind the camera. I made a couple of short films, which were enormously enjoyable, and found myself drawn to writing.

Since then, I’ve written a few shorts, a well received Simpsons Treehouse of Horror script, a feature film that did quite well in the Nicholl, and am now working on my next feature.

I’ve just managed to sell my first short film script, so at least I’m up and running at last!