Writing a Feature Film

I’ve started developing an idea for a feature film. It’s great fun so far, a new challenge. Sure, I’ve not in any way mastered making short films, but I feel incredibly drawn to writing a feature. It has countless challenges that short films, due to their length, do not.

It feels like a big puzzle to me, seeing how I can fit together all the strange pieces that show up in my mind. I can also view it with a relatively objective eye. If it doesn’t make sense, or feels forced, or unbelievable, I keep changing it til it does. Til it’s a film that I’d like to SEE.

So will I be able to write something others will want to see? I have no idea, but there’s only one way to find out. I’ve always loved playing with words in many different ways, and this is a wonderful opportunity to put that to good use.

So far, it’s great fun. I’ve joined the legion of countless people who are writing a screenplay! With a bit of luck, patience, more study, and much hard work, it’ll end up as something that others also enjoy. Hopefully millions of them 🙂

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