Learn to Make Great Videos for next to Nothing

If you fancy learning how to make decent videos cheaply, come along to my course. It will involve watching videos, discussion, questions and answers, and practical exercises. Making videos is great fun, and it’s far easier and cheaper than you’d imagine.

You can get started with any camera or phone made in the last 5 years, sometimes even earlier. If you don’t already have one, borrow one! A computer is helpful to edit, and do other tasks, but you can get away without one as a last resort.

Of course, you can spend as much as you want, but unless you know what to buy and why, it’s not much help. I’ll also be sharing ways to make DIY kit for various purposes.

You probably won’t want to use all of these ideas for your first video, but it’s helpful to know what’s possible, and what options you have for improving your videos, no matter what your budget. Start with next to nothing, and build up as you go, if you want to.

The current class schedule is:

1 – idea: hook, story, goals + stakes + urgency, 3 acts, genres
2 – acting: ignore the camera, be natural, method acting, friends v actors
3 – camera: phone/DSLR, resolution: SD/HD/4k, lenses, shots, tripod, dolly, monopod
4 – sound: camera v external, lavalier , boom, zoom, clapperboard
5 – lighting: camera v eye, 3 point lighting, natural v indoors
6 – editing and sharing: Demos, Audacity, Phones, Facebook, YouTube, email, DVDs
7 – practical: let’s make a short film!
8 – showcase: sharing videos we have made during the course

The course runs from Friday 27th October until Friday 15th December, at 11am – 1230pm.

Visit the local Milton u3a website to join and sign up.

I hope to see you there!

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