The Script of the Trailer … of the Film … of the Screenplay

I’ve just written a 3 page trailer script for my feature film screenplay Talent Show Takedown. People are busy these days, and don’t want to read 2 hour screenplays by writers they’ve never (yet) heard of. So how to interest them?

People like video. It’s easy, you just sit back and watch.

By filming this trailer, I’m hoping to drum up interest. If some bite, I might be able to get them to attach to the project. That all improves the chances of getting this produced.

If not, it’s been a good exercise by itself, and I’m sure I’ll both learn from it and enjoy it!

The trailer script is here if you’d like to spend 5 minutes reading it:

Clarity Trailer

Please do let me know what you think. Any and all feedback is most welcome, including 7 figure bidding wars …

Hey, I can dream!


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