Thank you Scammers

No, really, I mean it! I was contacted by somebody online offering to invest in Australian business. Having little interest in the field, I suggested he invest in film. He seemed open to that, so I suggested investing in MY feature film.

I wasn’t planning on making one at the time, but after trying to get my feature film script Judgement Date read by decision makers in Hollywood, I hadn’t got much interest. So why not make it myself, especially as an investor seemed interested?

We went back and forth a few times, and then came the kicker: he wanted $3k for fees of various kinds. I don’t know for sure, but that sounds dodgy to me. I told him I didn’t have it (true), and I’ve not heard from him since. What a disappointment.

Or was it? I had another quick look at the story I’d written, and was surprised to find out that I still think it’s a great tale to tell. As I’d explicitly written it for a low budget, I started wondering if I could produce it myself.

I figure I could probably make it for $20k if I underpay cast and crew, on a deferred payment basis. Although not ideal, that kind of money could be raised via crowdfunding. So ever since I’ve been reading up on the topic, and am quietly confident.

There’s a huge amount of best practice to learn, and of course, no guarantees that it would all come together, but hey, that’s film making!

The research continues, as do preliminary steps sounding out various collaborators.

As the cliche goes: watch this space …

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