Which Way from Here?

My local screenwriting group didn’t really take off, so I’ve let it lapse. Never mind, it was an experiment. They don’t all come off.

My next question is where to focus my energies. I love feature films, and have learned heaps writing my first script. But they take many months, and Hollywood isn’t usually interested in newbies unless they can package their screenplays.

On the other hand, I could start writing for a web series whenever I want to, and produce it with a small group of cast & crew. I could upload it and be online immediately. The size of my audience will tell me if I’m successful or not.

Yet I’m also very drawn to comedy. My short Simpsons Treehouse of Horror script was well received, so I’m tempted to just write one short comedy sketch after another, learning along the way, til I have a small batch of work to share.

As they’d only be a few pages each, I’d be able to write far more than I could by focusing on feature scripts, and learn more quickly as well. And as Tim Ferguson says that good comedy writers are in higher demand, it could be lucrative.

Assuming I can consistently write good comedy, of course!

Hmmm …


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