A Great Time to Join the Game

I’m feeling very grateful for the amazing changes in technology over the last few decades. I’ve been using the Internet for about 25 years, and it continues to dazzle. So how does this relate to film? Well, we all know how the price of actually making a film has collapsed in the last decade or so.

Even better, the Internet has opened up wonderful cheap/free ways to get your film seen after it’s made. During my study of hybrid distribution, I’ve learned a huge number of ways of getting your film in front of an audience, and getting paid as well. No more signing away all your rights for 25 years!

Getting a regular theatrical release can be a wonderful thing for many reasons, but in the past, it was either that or pretty much nothing. Nowadays, with tools like Youtube, Facebook, email, Bittorrent and the like, there are plenty of other choices. Some might even be better than a theatrical release!

We really are blessed to be making films at the moment.

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